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Encore Enterprises LLC Interview

Listed on youtube as wb8976, yet self identifying as Encore Enterprises LLC the brains behind the TV Playhouse Poops speakes out. With 48 listed poops to his name this vertran pooper is seldom talked about yet held in high regard by his loyal fanbase. Favouring kids TV shows such as Clifford the Big Red Dog and Timothy these poops seldom shock yet are unquestionably well crafted and often hilarious. In this interview we discuss the importance of finding your own style and benefits of perseverance

Your first WB8976 TV Playhouse preview came out in January. Were you aware that this coincided with a explosion of popularity for youtube poop?

Well, yes and no. I saw at the time that varous users like dvariano, SuperYoshi, and 1upclock were having a good time making random videos out of Super Mario World cartoons. You can say I just wanted to join in on the game, even though I unknowingly realized that this was the explosion of the whole “YouTube Poop” genre.

How did you discover the genre – can you remember the first one you saw?

Technically, the first YTP video I saw was back in May 2006, when a user known as mojokingbee1 posted several randomly cut and spliced videos called Kenny’s Cartoons. These were posted before YTP exploded onto the scene. They featured various cartoons spliced together in a now common YTP fashion. The first true YTP video I saw was Mario and Johnny Bravo’s Rape Train (DukeofFortuneMan:22/Oct/2006). I really enjoyed (and laughed at) how they made those wacky phrases out of Mama Luigi, such as the famous “Koopa Koopa Football Players.” I checked out the user’s profile and saw related videos (if I remember right), and I began watching the numerous YTP videos that were appearing everyday.

Despite using the usual suspects from poops (mama luigi, cd-i gang etc) you quickly seemed to avoid the usual trappings and, as you (legitimately) put it “redefine youtube poop”. Was this an intention from the start?

At first, not really. My first two poop videos (preview and TVP episode 1) consisted mostly of content from CD-I, Mama Luigi, and The Lorax, which ttipoop(Totally Tooned In) mixed up into The Random Lorax. I threw in Electronik Supersonik just because it was cheesy in its own right. Although in retrospect, Supersonik could be the beginning of me inserting content other than Mama Luigi so to speak. I decided to throw in some Clifford the Big Red Dog and Chilly Willy in TVP episode 3, and since then, I have gradually moved away from run-of-the-mill subjects and using cartoons that people would have never thought of making YTP out of, like Timothy Goes to School.

Your poops could be described as having soft edges; do you agree with this? Is this motivated by wanting to make you poops more accessible?

If by soft edges, you mean I shy away from stuff that includes rape rave or anything like that; well, I agree with that mostly. I’m not a fan of vulgar language or subjects like rape. Plus, stuff like that wouldn’t work out too well with the cartoons I use, such as Timothy. I dunno if my original plan of having a soft edged YTP was influenced by making my poops more accessible, but possibly more acceptable to people who also find rape and other vulgar content offensive. (though I do watch some of mrSimon’s poop vids. I can’t help it!)

Your choices of footage are a very important element of your style, non aggressive kids TV shows. They also very feel very retro – are these the shows that you watched too much growing up.

Well, believe it or not, I’m a fan of these kids TV shows. I have every episode of Clifford and Timothy on VHS, later transferred to DVD. Clifford I watched while in Middle School, as those were tough years for me (and anyone else who has been through Middle School) and it always made me feel good to watch them.

In contrast to the safety zone of your TV playhouse series you also posted a number of cram sessions – would you care to tell us about these.

Glad to. When you speed up a video clip in Windows Movie Maker, it makes all the characters sound like chipmunks. With Sony Vegas however, you can speed up a video as fast as it will let you and the voices don’t sound like chipmunks, but rather, sound like they are saying a bunch of gibberish and nonsense phrases. Some of those may go beyond what is safe harbor when it comes to TV Playhouse, but hey, they are well received and make a great YTP vid.

I’m wondering if you treat poop making as some kind of duty.

I just do it for fun really. I participate in numerous other forums and things on the internet as well. I keep making TV Playhouse because of my ever growing number of fans and also to be one of the people who makes YTP the longest.

Of course I have to ask about the names. You call yourself Encore Enterprises LLC and yet you’re listed at youtube as the instantly forgettable wb8976. And then there the fact most of your poops are called TV playhouse – can you explain all of these names.

What I discovered about most YTP vids before mrSimon made YouTube Poop a household name, they lacked brand identity, such as a production company and opening or closing credits. The name Encore Enterprises LLC is derived from an actual company name, Encore Enterprises Inc which was ran by two veteran animators Tony Love and Bill Hutten in the 1980s. TV Playhouse is a mixture of “TV Funhouse” and “Pee-Wee’s Playhouse” and I thought that would make my YTP vids stand out amongst the rest.

I really enjoy Timothy Goes to King Koopa’s Neon Castle and the others in this strand. Are there any poops that you are partially proud of.

Both of my Timothy poops and nearly all of my TVP episodes. I don’t really think much of the preview and episode 1 anymore as they were pretty much run-of-the-mill. I am however increasingly proud of my newest TVP episodes, as I have become very skilled at Movie Maker and in turn are more polished than my first videos. I was also proud of TVP #20, but Viacom pulled it from my account as it had clips from the Nicktoon “KaBlam!”. I guess they don’t understand what fair-use is.

Like the other non-playhouse poops I’m wondering if they are made differently – is it a matter of working through an episode looking for jokes.

Well, more like searching through an episode for jokes. I should watch a full episode before I make poop out of it, but I have managed to do it this way so far.

What advice would you give new poopers trying to find their own style?

Be imaginative. Try to keep the Mama Luigi jokes to a minimum, and find poopable material in a cartoon you plan to use. Think really hard for a joke by studying what the characters say and try to reconstruct it in a funny way. You may start out slow at first, but if you make a good video, users will begin to notice and subscribers will begin filling up your profile.

The fact you’ve made so many poops makes me wonder have you’ve sustained an interest.

I indeed have. Its a fun hobby to do, as long as YouTube doesn’t close your account that is or remove your videos.

What can we expect to see from Encore Enterprises in the next few months?

More AMV style videos, and the possible inclusion of “All Dogs Go to Heaven: The Series.” I also plan to reintroduce Clifford the Big Red Dog in my future TVP episodes, and make a Holiday Special of sorts that will probably be a half hour long.

A very big thank you for taking the time to do this interveiw. Now let’s take a look at your latest poop.

interview conducted via email by Conrad Slater 17 July 2007 for youtubepoop.com

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