Getting there slowly

I made a lot of progress today with all the many things that needed to be done.

The old site at Spainful Films is now down. Goodbye and thank you to Rapidweaver for making it happen. The new super slimline index page is now up. Looks good but the lack of links on it mean I’ll probably jump down the old google listings. It took a lot of nerve to put the podshow link on there as I’m still not convinced that it’s safe to take down my old feed. The amount of problem I’ve had with their site has made me very cautious but now every episode seems to be on the new feed there’s no reason to keep the old – and truly terrible – feed that got me started. I suppose it’s just swapping on set of headaches for another because the hosting + blogger + feedburner model was terrible.

On this site are now all the links to the media files though I’ve yet to update all the links and add pretty pictures. What do you think of the new colours, I’m very happy.

Tomorrow I intend to do a little more work in SpainfulX and perhaps a little editing of a new episode.


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