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Greenalink Interview

Greenalink was amoung the first poopers to be listed here and has seen the site grow from only a few hundred to a few thousand poops. In that time he was worked at finding his own style, and it was been though gaming that he found it. With the same thoroughness as player looking for glitches he was found that pooping can be informed by gaming in more ways than one.

The reason I’m interviewing you right now is because some of your more recent poops have really stood out as being original and unusual. So to start can your quickly tell us about the Wario Ware Microgame Poops.

greenlinkphoto.jpg These Wario Ware poops is like Wario Ware itself but during the microgames it is replaced with other sources that are not from the Wario Ware game. It’s usually having little clips from Cartoons and other games that s/he has to do something/survive in a limited amount of time. These tasks they have to do are mainly simple things such as “Avoid”, “Grab”, “Destroy” and loads of others too. I had this idea months ago ever since I saw a very fast clip of JET BOOTS from MEEEMEME MAN or even an earlier poop because the background music is very fast and reminds me of Wario Ware but at the early time of ideas I needed good material for these poops and a good video editing programme.

There are two at the moment, are going to make it a series or is it just the kind of style that you are going to attempt for most of your other poops?

greenlinkwario2.jpgWell with a decent response I am going to make a series of Wario Ware poops, the new ones will be notably different. Also I don’t want to forget to do other kinds of poops such as Volvic and the direct/spiritual sequel of When a Wailord-Tossing Blissey Attacks.

I recently played Smooth Moves on the wii and found there so much visual information being thrown at me that it was quite an adrenalin trip. Do you think it’s the busyness which makes it ideal for poops?

warioware.jpgIt’s more of the busyness that you don’t know what’s going to happen next, I started off with AOSTH Robotnik because many poopers uses him and he does a lot of things such as violating the dumbots (Scratch and Grounder) and pulling switches. Mario (The American Cartoon series) is quite different because he’s a good guy which makes his variety of actions different, he also has less air time than Robotnik so there isn’t much variety (Mario had 90×10 minute episodes and AOSTH Robotnik had 66×20 minute episodes).

Aside from the mixed up game style visuals the use of text – as if giving game hints is extremely new. Until recently on screen text used to be usually limited to blue screen cutaways, both in your poops and others. Has your move away from wmm meant you could do thing we’ve wanted to in the past or was it just a matter of making the most of the new software?

It was mostly making the new use of the software because the non-boss stages clips you’ll see has 2 video layers the 1st layer is the clip I use from a cartoon (like a clip of Robotnik tosses some stuff) the other layer is the boarder + bomb ticking down which is from the actual Wario Ware game. I did this to make it more like its Wario Ware. It wouldn’t look right if it was done by WMM because you can’t do 2 video layers and it lacks the feel of Wario Ware when it doesn’t have the timer and the text that does stands out a bit.

I think a lot of pooper loose sight of the fact that games and gaming really underpins poop. Your youtube account has lots or game recordings, can you tell us about these (and why you post them).

greenlinkglitch.jpgMy channel was originally a Gamers’ Tip, Glitch and Speed run Channel and I saw a decent glitch of Zelda a Link to the Past from Youtube (called the mirror glitch) where you can go anywhere by doing a different and possible method without UP+DOWN (since up+down is an impossible combination to press at the same time on an actual controller/portable). I tried some stuff out on my actual GBA and I’ve found a serious glitch around November 2006. It wasn’t posted on Youtube at that time but I never had the time to do this (upload this serious glitch myself) until the 1st of February when I had an inset day at Sixth Form. This enabled me to post the good uses of the Mirror glitch mainly the “Early Items” and this serious bug (The Reset Curse Glitch). Many hardcore Zelda fans like these glitches that they subscribe me.

All the poops you’ve mentioned are linked to their pages in the directory but given that only 14% of your youtube videos are poops are there any non poops you’d like to invite people to see.

For this interview page only I choose (non-poop video) Zelda A Link to the Past Mirror Glitch 12 Reset Curse Glitch that I just mentioned; it made me make this Youtube account and it could save time people finding out about this glitch and to understand what I am talking about.

Your chewiki page says “Greenalink is one of the first people to have “Pokémon Battle Revolution” in a Youtube Poop” can you tell us about this – which poop was it?

greenlink2.jpgThe poop was When a Wailord Tossing Blissey Attacks, made in early May 2007. I’ve found a clip from Youtube showing Blissey tossing a Wailord into space. I put this in a poop because tossing a whale into space is something totally random and unexpected especially in a Pokémon game. Also I liked this video mainly because. Wailord is the largest Pokémon in the world and you get a Blissey who looks weak to toss it and manages to do so. The height is supposed to be 47’07” I’m thinking that’s 47 Feet and 7 inches. Nintendo didn’t reveal it’s width but all I can say it’s massive and thinking about when Wailord get slammed down to the ground by Blissey’s Seismic toss it can become very deadly.

In your Preferred Methods it says Clip link Chaining – can you tell us what this is.

greenlink1.jpgI might have named it wrong but it’s when you do a series of different clips that does fit into a Poop storyline quite well When a Wailord-Tossing Blissey attacks is very notable throughout. The last part of the poop had Blissey tossing the Wailord for the second time and when it about to land onto Luigi which he couldn’t move at that time since he became an egg from Wizardheimer (the koopa wizard) he was shouting “Mario wherever you are?!” Then Mario hears it up in the sky (clip taken from Fire Sale) and jumps down to save him unfortunately it was too late and Wailord crushed Egg Luigi, I recommend watching this poop as it has an interesting ending.Mama Luigi is Blasted off Again is perhaps the start of your use of game footage, can you tell us about this – and how it even seems imply a narrative.greenlinkwhale.jpgWhen a Wailord-Tossing Blissey attacks is my actual first to use game footage. Mama Luigi is Blasted off Again was made after my lame attempt of Born to F… I wanted to try a quickie to show how epic it can be. It became quite epic when baby Yoshi was underwater for the 1st time, so I replaced the swimming underwater from cartoon with my own attempt of playing Star World 2 from Super Mario World. It felt like Hotel Mario when you see a cut scene then you get the info text (this case “Luigi Start”) and you play it until you see another cut scene. I thought of a random idea to have a Magikarp Submarine which realises that Mama Luigi is getting away. It does seem narrative because the 2 clips are very similar it has Mama Luigi and baby Yoshi plus they are underwater with loads enemies. The ending seems similar too, the game footage had Mama Luigi plus Baby Yoshi about to exit the water and reaching the goal line (which is on land) and the explosion taken from Pokémon Diamond and Pearl near between both land and water. Both this poop and my Wailord-Tossing Blissey poops are known to have an alternate storyline all done my mashing up clips.

I can see that games play a major role in your thinking, do you watch as many poops as you do game recordings?

I used to watch other peoples’ poops for ideas but that was for my early poops because I was a beginner. Now I don’t watch as many because I’ve got some good ideas to make some funny mashups especially now I can do a series of Wario Ware poops. I do watch poops from Deepercutt (my favourite pooper to have episode based poops) Stegblob (my favourite pooper to have seriously mashed up stuff and loads of Robotnik poops) and of course mrSimon (my favourite pooper to make poops so epic no matter how long the video is, and has loads of catchy music that I even listen to it at school). I’ve also starting to like the poops from link123456 and WalrusGuy both of these have amazing animation/custom effects which expands the originality of Youtube Poop.

With there being so many poops out there now (over 6000 listed and about 50 new ones adder per day) do you think that it’s becoming increasingly competitive and dependant on more sophisticated software?

greenlinkwario.jpgWhen I posted my 1st poop (Hotel Mario Uncut Edition) in April there were only a few hundred poops; it was quite popular and there were some good jokes I made when making it such as “Over 9000 f***ing Toasters” and good use of music like “Fedde Le Grand – Put your hands up for Detroit” and “Super Mario Land 1-1 Oc Remix”. But now there’s an average of 1000 poops per month making it sometimes difficult to poop the classic material such as CD-I games and Mama Luigi. When you get better video editing software like Adobe Premiere you can make more mashed up effects like keeping the same pitch after speeding up 200% or reversing the sounds to make it sound like foreign language. So in using original material helps you get more well known.

You seem very attentive to your comments and it’s clearly paid as your stuff has got better and better. Which do you suppose is more important, practice and experimentation or the views of your audience and the criticism and/or encouragement?

For comment alerts I am quite alert for some poops but it really depends on the poop I am making because some poops I just wanted views of my audience and some poops I did were experimenting/practise such as my 1st, “Hotel Mario Toasters music video. A notable and single criticism from a viewer didn’t made me go mad but it helped me out when I needed to improve (such as more material and more mashed up stuff).

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