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Interview with ‘The Pope’

Of the original handful or “founding fathers” of Youtube Poop, KingNecroPope (also known simply as The Pope) has traditionally kept to himself to himself much like his real life friend DukeofFortuneMan. When he has spoken it is been to slam those he calls the little people who’ve either mistaken him for someone else or confused his indifference with hostility. In this interview we discover why we don’t know him as well as we should, why he’s onto his third youtube account and why it’s best not to mention Ninja Info Cards


So I’ll start at the beginning – you were buh6173 in 2006, you madesome videos for you and your friends and then at certain point you all started calling them Poop. Tell as about your original account.

Lets see…way back in the day (around 2004), I made my first video, Sephiroth!. All my friends thought it was hilarious, so I made a few more music videos. It was around the summer of 2006 that the Duke, a close friend of mine, showed me his first ever video Trent is Basically White. I didn’t like it too much, but after he made some more crap, I soon followed in his footsteps.

I think what’s incredible about all those early poops is that each of you (Yaminomalex, SuperYoshi, DukeofFortuneMan, Tetsuo9999 etc) are using similar methods and yet each have your own footage choices that define each your individual style. Is this something that was ever discussed or did it happen by accident?

Well, it wasn’t entirely individual; most of the founding fathers preferred Sonic, Mama Luigi, and Power Rangers. I, however, wanted to divert myself from the crowd because I knew I would be too influenced by their movies to make anything creative on my own.

I always thought your choices of footage interesting as they avoided what has become the more popular sources such as Mario and Sonic and yet are you are happy to use Ed Edd and Eddy and Spongebob which are usually associated with the younger poopers. Do you use stuff that you are a fan of personally?

sponge.jpgI have a saying “I don’t use shit; I just make it.” Basically, I don’t use material that I hate. I might use stuff that I’m neutral about, but I’d rather use stuff I like. That way, since I know my way around the show, I know where all the goods are to extract from the footage.Basically, I don’t use material that I hate.

And so do you think the buh6173 account was KO’ed from youtube because of Spongebob usage? I understand that when you reuploaded them to the KingNecroPope account them you called the BobSponge as a way to avoid quick detection from copyright flaggers?

Truth be told, BobSponge wasn’t even around in the buh6173 era. I was pwned because back then I uploaded EVERY video on my computer onto YouTube (including Family Guy and Simpsons clips). Once KingNecroPope came to be, I called my Spongebob poops The SpongeBob Show. However, Artistry and Explosions got pwned, so I changed the name to BobSponge in order to avoid another death. But, I was killed again because of a Family Guy video of mine. They said, after they deleted it, “Go to YouTube now and delete any other videos with copyright material, or else we’ll delete your account“. I ran to YouTube to delete my videos…BUT THEY HAD ALREADY DELETED MY ACCOUNT! Fucking bastards…

Many people of course would have heard about you from the Ninja Info Cards videos. In his interview with us Kajetokun mentioned that because of his remix he received a ton of hate mail from people claiming he’d ripped you and/or youtube poop. Can you lead us through the chain of events as you remember it.

ninjainfo.jpgAll righty…one day, I was watching an episode of Naruto on my iPod. When Kabuto started breaking it down, I fell out of my chair laughing. Then, when I came home, I made MY NINJA INFO CARDS, knowing that nobody would take it seriously (I just wanted to provide myself a good chuckle). Surprisingly, it was loved by many. Then, even the great KajetoKun himself commemorated my video. and I was officially amazed. He asked me if he could remix it, and I said it was a great idea. Little did I know what was going to come. After his remix came out, a bunch of people commented on his movie and mine, saying how much mine sucked compared to his, or vice versa. For the most part, though, it was the former. Then, when he went off to some convention, I had a troll war with a bunch of guys commenting on his, and it escalated to me saying that he begged that he could use my movie. When he came back and saw this, he blocked me. Then I released a message all over YouTube saying that I was sorry, and that I was a royal prick, and he unblocked me again. Then I made Gaiden as a way of saying “His is good, but mine is the original. Please watch mine.” I do plan to make a third/final one eventually, but that won’t be for a while.

Before the KingNecroPope account was deleted I remember there being a few rant videos were they connected?

Ah, my Gash Bell rants, no that was something different; I object to the terrible Zatch Bell dub. I wanted to take a break from poop, and I wanted to rant about how Gash Bell, one of the finest animes I’ve ever seen, was torn apart by Viz, and that there are people out there who either hate the show because of the dub, or actually accept the dub over the original. Those will be back some day (to all who care), along with a LOT more rants. I plan to do at least 15. Once I get Vegas to work…

Your older youtube account pretty much was a big FUCK YOU to anyone currently interested in poop and you’ve mentioned before you disdain of mrSimon, who by January was part of the new wave that had reinvented and popularised it. Why did you close and lock the door to everyone that turned up late.

zelda.jpgWell, I kinda felt that, other than the founding fathers, everyone who was doing this was a bunch of posers. It went from an inside joke to a virus. Then again, that’s how EVERYTHING on the internet is. By now, though, I’ve come to accept people who weren’t the founding fathers; take mrSimon, (who I honestly don’t hate), he was a spectator who worshiped SuperYoshi and all the other founding fathers; that’s why he made his famous Stay here video. Then he started making some more, and that was all right; he actually put his time into it. However, he eventually came to a point where every single video has a hip-hop remix in it, so that idea lost its originality. Also, the videos weren’t all that great on their own, so he had become the Make a movie in 5 seconds and post it on YouTube archetype. Also, I didn’t like that he put “YouTube Poop – ” at the beginning of each movie; that was a bit too obvious. Also, it was because, as many may know, I do have some disdain towards the title “YouTube Poop”. I like to call these movies either poops, craps, movies, or my personal favorite, ShitVids.What I can’t stand, though, are people who take CD-I, do something that’s been done a thousand times before, and say “OOH LOOK, I’M SO ORIGINAL”.

Yet there are many other really talented people making poop these days too, and there is a real diveristy of style coming out now. Do you see a difference between these and the stuff that’s onyoutubepoop.com?

I don’t usually go to youtubepoop.com to watch this crap; I just subscribe to people I like, and look at their favorites. If they favorited something funny, even if it’s not by a god, and I find it hilarious, I’ll probably favorite it too.

It just struck me as odd that whilst SuperYoshi, Yaminomalex and Tetsuo are in the forum and kind of carry on doing their own thing they still will talk to the newer people – I suppose I just thought you had some issue with everyone and you were either still angry about something.

…you know, honestly, I didn’t even know such a forum existed. Maybe I’ll check it out some time.

Coming back to CD-I for a moment…can you tell us your recollection of how that started?

Oh, God…well, back in the day when all you ever saw was Mama Luigi lurking in the shadows, the Duke showed me and other friends hilarious clips from CD-I Zelda. One day, he decided to make a movie out of it, calling it The Best Zelda Game Ever. (30/Oct/2006) It was amazing, as it established all of the hilarious, yet now horrendously overkilled jokes. If only he knew what he was getting into when he had that old king say “MAH BOY”…

Are there any of the new people whose stuff you secretly like but keep quiet so not to loose face?

Naw; I’m pretty honest as to who I like and who I hate. And if I don’t mention it directly, my favorites will usually tell of any people I “secretly like”. As far as exactly which poop that someone else made is my favorite is Cow and Chicken’s Magical Cheese Adventure. No question. Though Nobody Knows SIMIAN! makes a close second.

What is your favourite of your own?

Ooh…that’s a toughie. It would have to be a seven-way tie between The Hyenas Want You to Do It Again, Homer’s Pig Fetish, Mac and Bloo’s Magical Cheese Adventures, the Omnipotent Zelda Poop, Johnny’s Bedtime Story, DEDICATED TO AWESOME, and the BobSponge Show: “CHOCOLATE” Segment.

I notice too that you’ve not joined in with the Fred Phelps videos,did you notice them or enjoy them?

fred.jpgWell, if you look deep into my videos of YOUCANTKILLTHEPOPE, you’ll find a Fred Phelps vid I made in 5 minutes. But that was merely Fred Phelps really fast with alternate audio in the background, so that doesn’t count too much. I do plan to make two more (though they’ll be almost the same premise): The Latin Sounds of Fred Phelpse and Phreaky Phred. The former is merely Phelps with Latin music in the background, while the latter will use audio from said Courage the Cowardly Dog episode.

I should ask since you are friends with him, but do you think the Duke will return to making videos? I can understand growing out making poop but it would be a shame to quit videos all together. I heard he was in a band now.

Firstly, it’s not A band; it’s the school band. I’m in it too (and so is NOTSparkypants, but nobody pays attention to him -_-). I’m sure that, once he gets through homework, and all of these new games he wants to play, he’ll have time to shit out his butt and slam it into his C Drive.

We’re glad that you re-uploaded some of your old stuff to your new YOUCANTKILLTHEPOPE account (I’m still waiting for the return of Violence Incarnate) but are you less motivated than you were to make new stuff?

200px-evil_bilbo.jpgAs far as bringing back old stuff goes, I’ll bring back the popular stuff in time, but for the less popular stuff (such as Violence Incarnate and the other music videos), I would need inspiration in the serving of fan mail to inspire me to bring those back. Once I get Vegas to fucking work, I’m going to make a lot more stuff. I’ll be making The Hyenas Want You to Do It Quadrupexally, the finale of the Hyenas trilogy, which will not only use footage from the first movie, but also the other two. At the same time, I’ll be making Johnny’s Terrifying Apocalypse, the finale of the Johnny’s Traumatic Adventures trilogy. It well scare you shitless (but to be more precise, you’ll have to watch it). After those, I’ll make more Gash Bell Rants, more BobSponge, and some Courage the Cowardly Dog stuff.

Thanks very much for taking the time to do this interview.

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