More order out of anarchy

I have now established the links to all of my media including all the audio files. This information in itself was hard to find. I have pasted a rough list of all of these links on the page above marked downloads. Sadly, as it is just a rough list they are just text so you will need to copy paste them into you browser.

I will soon make them all buttons in the blog section, this requires writing more code! But at the moment I’m happy to know where all the files are. It has taken a couple of weeks to find all this out as there were many dead links.

At the top of the list is also the links to the new feeds.

I’m glad I’m having more luck getting to grips with word press. Especially that I can now make new pages including the about page and the download page. I’ve yet to find out how to remove the annoying from the top of the page.

I’d like to change the black background here.

some time later…

So I started twiddling and before I knew the whole blog was corrupt! I thought I’d lost it all. Eventually I managed to get some of it back my the skin I’d been using is gone now.

I think this is a sign that I should use a new theme/skin/css.

It wasn’t that great anyway. And it gives me an excuse to do more photoshop nonsense rather than all the other stuff I should be doing.

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