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Round 9: Syphozoa Synthesis

In the previous round’s description, Conrad said that I would have to cannibalize the living flesh of the match rather than graft new material onto the established skeleton, as that would be like trying to fit a saddle on a jellyfish. Partly out of pride and partly out of a sense of pure fun in challenge, I took it upon myself to do just that: fit a saddle on a jellyfish, then ride it into the sunset.

Two rounds ago, I somehow kept the puppy of the match safe from the hurtful punk kids of AMV who would put the puppy in a plastic bag and beat it against a tree. When I handed the puppy over to Conrad for the following round, he opted to throw the puppy as far and hard as he could into oncoming traffic, and then he dared me to try and keep it alive, thinking that there was almost no way for it to be done. So either I could go back to the pet shop and get a new puppy that looked sort of the same, like what Conrad did in round five, or I could attempt CPR on a small puppy that had been crushed under the wheels of a tractor trailer.

I think I have to some degree, managed to keep that puppy barely alive, clinging to its existence, though I have brought back all the previous puppies of the past rounds to visit it during this tough time.

So it comes back to the jellyfish: I’ll someone else decide whether I have accomplished the task of finding a suitable saddle for the jellyfish, one which would allow me to ride triumphantly into the sunrise. I’m satisfied with the saddle I’ve put on this scyphozoan.

When Conrad goes to make round ten, he says that he knows exactly what he’s going to do and that it will be funny. Considering what he managed to pull off in the sixth round, I imagine it will be hilarious, though I would love to see him at least attempt to reign this wild jellyfish, somewhere amongst the assured madness of round ten.

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