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Seconteen13 Interview

Seconteen13 is a very active member of the youtube poop community having made over 70 poops, and spent a lot of time in the forum and in the wiki, (she even designed the YTP News banner). Experience has taught her to be experimental with her videos, rarely falling into meme traps she is more often associated with CN based poops. She is respected by many fellow poopers, yet, as this interview proves she’s pretty down to earth. I started the interview by asking how she discovered YouTube Poop

It’s kind of a long story. NintendoMax (FroggoFan64) posted some of the videos on my Mucha Lucha forum. I didn’t know exactly what they were (most of the time I never clicked on his links) but I watched one or two of them. Didn’t see it as a HUGE deal. Then one evening I was looking up Spongebob videos (dubs, spengbab type stuff) and came across a really random one where the person was working through an episode of spongebob. Then I wondered what Mucha Lucha would be like scrambled like that. Well then I went along with the thought. Mucha Lucha Randomness was born and then, somewhere around the same time NM posted a link (or when I actually decided to click the link) to The Hyenas Want you To Do it again by KingNecroPope or buh-something at the time. I loved the video so I faved it. Then NM made The Gorilla Judge’s Movie and then I actually decided to upload my video I made 2 months earlier.

You joined in at the same time as a lot of others, (Dec06/Jan07) – those earlier poops do seem quite different to poops these days – have you noticed a change in your own style?

Hmmm… I kinda go with whatever comes to me first. I try lots of things. Like lately, I’ve been making my videos shorter, because I think they’re funnier. I like shorter ones myself. I used to make them longer. Also, I’ve tried to aim more at random and funny.

You’re also pretty active in the forum and I get the idea you know are are known by a lot of other poopers, yet I rarely get a sense of inside jokes – do thing being part of the community affects what ends up in your videos?

I’m not sure how to answer that question, but I’ll try. I like to do stuff that entertains both my audience and myself.

I’m watching Mama Luigi quit her job… at the moment and it strikes me how disturbing the my little ponies are when animated – the way the open doors etc. – it surprises that more people don’t use them. I should also bring up the collaborative videos you’ve worked on. You’ve done a tripoop and “Mama Luigi Films” collab – how have you found them?

Histeria or Whatever Happened to Robot Jones, when involved in tripoops/collabs I like to do that so when people see it, It stands out. I treat my bits like any other of my poops. I like making my stuff stand out. (I didn’t even use Mama Luigi/Cd-i stuff when I first started)

I was thinking about that today – much power we have in a way – if I see Histeria stuff now I immediately think of you in the same way Bill O’Reilly makes me think of ApolloBoy or toonpoop makes me think of chip & dale – know other use histeria but I think in many ways you own it – why do you suppose only a handful of poopers have their specific thing which people associate with them?

Well some people like to be recognised for using something different than Mama Luigi or CDi. I like using things others don’t. It kinda lets them know what I prefer in entertainment.

Can I bring up your attempt to recruit members of your family. the poop by your 7 year old brother was good – do you think you can get him to do more?

I don’t know when Buddy-Boo (his nick name) will feel like making another. I’m guessing though from his recent fandom of Courage the Cowardly Dog, he’ll probably wanna use that, next time. (He likes saying quotes from it randomly). I can ask him though sometime.

I see you’ve been doing a few bits and pieces on our wiki, I was thinking of create poopers’ categories in there. I know you belong in the female category but are they and other categories you would like to be filed under (I suppose this could be relate method and style again)

Other categories… well.. I never think about that. I can’t really think of any I’d belong in. I’m similar to a lot of different people but I don’t know. I’ve used several methods in the past. I try not to stick to just one. That’s boring. I try to make each of my poops unique when possible.

Is there any particular poops that you would want people reading this to see?

What do you mean? Mine or someone else’s? There are many good ones out there. At the moment, I’m most proud of The Yogmans Hiss like Snakes. There’s just something about characters making funny noises that makes me laugh (like Mama Luigi’s wheezing.)

Also – with the novelty factor no doubt worn out by now, (having made so many) do you view making these as therapeutic – perhaps more like a habit or process rather than out of any kind of ambition?

I just enjoy making them. It’s sorta something I make time to do if possible. When school starts back in a few days, I won’t probably make quite as many (maybe some on the weekends, though.) But the novelty hasn’t worn off exactly.. every time I make one, It’s brand new.

Mucha Lucha randomness

Interview conducted by Conrad Slater over Skype/email on 24 August 2007 for youchewpoop.com

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