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Stegblob Interview

Stegblog is something of a new comer to the Youtube Poop scene, debuting in April yet quickly making a name for himself as a major player. Consistently hilarious and subversive Stegblog’s poops have one thing in common – the unfailingly relentless use of Doctor Robotnik! In this interview we learn more about Robotnik from the expert plus other insights from Scotland’s only (and therefore best) youtube pooper.

Receiving the most nominations for the top 100 Robotnik’s Sexy Suspender Striptease is perhaps (at the time of writing this) themost popular poop ever. Yet with five and half thousand views it’s hardly the not the most well known. Do you think it’s the “Poop for the Poopers”?

From what I’ve heard, that poop has encouraged quite a number of folk, and that’s quite a surprise to me. I made it with no intention of uploading it, but once I’d finished it I saw no harm in uploading it. Afterall, it wasn’tgoing to do any good sitting on a computer with no one else to see it. I had no intention of making more, until I saw that people wanted to see more. The video has given me a purpose on the internet. Before I was just an average guy who used the internet in his spare time, not known for pretty much anything, and now I seem to be one of the more popular Youtube Poopers, which quite honestly scares me in a way.0_o

Apart from being jammed packed with some brilliantly funny moments it does has extremely trippy psychedelic moments – how much time do you think you spent making it – it looks like it may have been hard work. (I should also mention it’s your first poop)

It was hard work, but thats mainly down to the fact I had never edited a video before. My brother had been planning to create a poop, but stopped before he has the chance, claiming he’s too good at editing. I guess thatsort of encouraged me, seeing as though I had never used Adobe Premier, or any video editing software in my life. But I didn’t see it as hard work. If anything that was the fun part, because I had no clue about what I wasactually doing at the time.

Robotnik Becomes The Sun! is likewise very popular. I’ve just realised that all your poops include Robotnik in the title – Can you tell us about why you find so Robotnik appealing?

I’ve only ever made one poop without Robotnik in the title, and that was just to join in on the DIS IZ A VOL-CAY-NO fad. But people seem to like Robotnik poop; he’s too underrated, and deserves more recognition. I’m suprised that only a few people know how to exploit Robotnik’spersonality and animation well, which is one of the many reasons why Robotnik is such a good character to use in YTP. Besides that, I’ve always been a fan of AoStH ever since I was a wee lad. I used to watch it on thechannel TCC, along with Earthworm Jim (which I have also used a few times), then they shut down, and a few years later POP begin showing it along with Mario. This just raised my liking for the cartoon further, since it had been such a long time since I had seen it properly. But then the repeats started, and seeing as though the show will never return for obvious reasons, YouTube Poop is a perfect way to show that he’s still the greatest villain of all time.

How important do you think obsession is to poop making?

If by obsession you mean “something to stick with”, then it can sometimes be important, and sometimes isn’t needed. It’s nice to see poopers sticking to specific genres, not jumping from boat to boat. If someone poops Mario episodes, and/or AoStH, then it’s normally better for them just to stay onthat same road until it’s time for them to move onto a different genre. I don’t think that’ll ever happen to me though. Afterall, I have the AoStH DVD, the channel POP (which shows Mario episodes nearly all the time), and ahandy digital analogue camera to record them all. ^^

Can I assume AoStH is your favourite Robotnik variant?

Of course. As much as I like the Robotnik from the games, there’s just no beating the classics. I find Eggman from Sonic X quite difficult to poop, as a matter of fact, and Robotnik from Sonic Underground is just terrible. The only good thing he’s ever done in that show is say “This is delicious”, and that’s it. AoStH Robotnik is much easier to poop, and works better. His awful animation at times, sudden shange in body shape, the faces he pulls, his outright sexyness, and his great voice actor, all make for the perfect Youtube Poop character.

George and Alan: Live and Uncensored! (Directed by Robotnik) stands out as one of the best Volvic based poops. (With a string of honoursto prove it) Yet I understand it’s not the sort of thing want to make more of.

The truth is, the minute I saw the Volvic ad, I knew that I had to poop it. But then that idea sort of slipped away from me, and I completely forgot about it. Next thing I know, MrSimon uploads a poop using the Volvic ad, which throws my idea completely out of the window. I was still considering using the ad, but then I saw Volvic poops appearing all over the place; I swore to myself that I wouldn’t join in on the fad. Then, an idea popped into my head.In several of my poops, I’ve managed to edit words together to get certain characters to say “Fuck”, which according to other folk was a hard thing to do. (Though it seems pretty simple to me o.o) So I thought, seeing as though there are so many “(beep) you Tyrannosaurus Alan” lines in these Volvic poops, I had to do something about it. Which I did, and it seemed to go down well with people. I actually had no idea what I was going to do with the rest of the poop, but I somehow managed to get some morerandomness out of it, and it all paid off in the end.I mean, the Top Favourite in the Uk on the day I uploaded it is quite an accomplishment, especially for something I didn’t even want to do to begin with. It seemed to be appearing in the favourites of poop fans and non-poop fans, which was a plus side. I cant see myself using it again, though I probably will eventually.

What’s your stance on the “too much cd-i in poop” debate?

I honestly feel that too much CD-i in a single poop normally makes for a boring one. The same jokes over and over again can be annoying, but luckily for me I managed to use jokes that have never been used before in Robotnik is Mad He Did Not Appear on the CD-i. I used nothing but CD-i clips from the Zelda games in that poop, and fortunately due to the use of the new clips, it became one of my most popular. It even encouraged folk to visit this site, due to the fact that the new clips could be found here, which in my view was a benefit to the YTP community.Having said that, I still think poops which use more CD-i than anything else should be cut down. The Zelda clips are still good to use then and there, one great example of this is ROBOTNIK DOES THE BUKKAKE RAPE by DoctorPoopnik, though that doesnt use too much CD-i, but Hotel Mario is getting kind of old, with the same jokes appearing over and over again. For a while I was considering never using CD-i again. As a matter of fact, the 100% Cd-i poop that I mentioned before was the last time that I really used CD-i, except from Hotel Mario (Nouns replaced with a random Robotnik noise, but that doesnt count because it was shite. =D

I personally love Robotnik and Mama Luigi get Naked and Watch Countdown! a very recent one – yet with a something of a well worm retro feel. Is this a deliberate move when choosing footage?

As I mentioned before, there is no beating the classics. AoStH, Mario, and even Pac-Man, they’re all funny, pointless at times, and animated awfully (most of the time anyway). When watching or creating a poop, theres no better feeling than seeing a retro cartoon in the mix, especially one as good as Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog.

The Occasional Appearance of Dr. Ivo Robotnik has a wonderful visual reply to the “I fell for hours” joke. At this point we should talk about you influences and your relationship to the ytp community as a whole. Do you watch many other people’s poops, whose poops would you recommend.

Well, I have had quite a number of influences for certain gags, but the people who have been the biggest influences on me are of course MrSimon, RetroJape, and SuperYoshi. It’s strange though, the way people talk about things in the YTP community that I have no clue about. I’m suprised I’ve even gotten this far in such little time. I had only been on Youtube for a month, and already I had about 100 subscribers and a shitload of channel views. I often watch poops, mainly ones which feature Robotnik and/or the Mario cartoons, though I’ll watch anything that seems good, especially ones which have an attractive display pic (display pics seem to be a plus for some reason).My favourite poopers at the moment are SpAmStIkA, DoctorPoopnik, and 1upclock, all of whom I would recommend to anyone.

Judging by our frappr map it seems like you are the only person inScotland making poop – do you think that such isolation has had much of an impact onyour work?

Yes – I feel that the fact I’m Scottish has had some sort of impact. Being the only known pooper in this country seems weird, and it shows. I see the channels of fellow Youtube Poopers, and they either have a backgroundassociated with their work, or don’t have a background at all. Then you look at mine, and see a Celtic FC background, which seems out of place with the videos i upload. I dont really feel isolated here, I just get bored more easily, which explains why I sometimes make many poops in the space of a week, and post random comments on other Youtube Poop channels. The best thing about being the only Scottish pooper though, is saying things in Scot’s slang that no one else understands. ^_^

Returning to the subject of Robotnik – you recently updated the Doctor Eggman page on wiki – there seems to be a small war going on in there!

It’s actually quite sad. The picture which was being used in Wikipedia before I came along was awful. I mean, it showed nothing about Robotnik’s comedy stylings in the show, which actually annoys me, as sad as that may sound. As you know, Robotnik was designed to be funny, and I feel that the Diploma Dope image I uploaded shows that perfectly, and many people would agree with me when I say that. I wouldn’t say that there is a war going on, I’d just say that there is a Retarded Nazi Wikipedian trying to ruineveryones fun; he’s not even registered on wiki. That is quite honestly the only thing that I’ve been editing on that page. Sure, I’ve corrected a few mistakes, but the only real edit I’ve made is in fact the addition of that image. I know i shouldnt care about it, but I’m annoyed very easily, and I often like to go on mad rants. XD

You end your poops with the sped up end credits from Sonic followed by and often killer moment of comedy (a money shot) – do you thing this something that your fans have come to expect and look forward to (I know I do)

Yeah, I always have some sort of ending, and people expect to see something or another appearing, whether that be a random clip or the infamous “Coming Soon on Sesame Street”. There have been a few times where I like to exploit this expectation. I can’t remember which video it was, but I can remember after the ending, I used a clip from AoStH of Scratch and Grounder commenting on a video, before Robotnik appears and criticises it for having a “Predictable Ending“.

Finally, are we to expect a continuation of you campaign to raise awareness of Robotnik or do you see you poop making going in a new direction?

Lately I have been using as much Mario clips as I have Robotnik clips, which quite frankly sticks my whole Robotnik awareness campaign through a Hula-Hoop and up a cat’s arse. But I can’t see myself giving up on Robotnik, even if I do begin to use more Mario than Sonic (I doubt that will ever happen anyway). I cant really say if I’m going in a new direction, that’s up for everyone else to decide. I can see myself using Mario clips more often in the future, but apart from that theres not much else I can say on the matter. Thank you very much for talking part in this interview – let’s remind ourselves with your tour-de-force…

interview conducted by Conrad Slater fro youchewpoop.com. Aug 11th 2007

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