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SuperYoshi Interview


In 2006 a group of friends made some videos and uploaded them to Youtube. Mostly to amuse each other but also to confuse anyone else watching, these videos were stupid and childish – made (like most other things on youtube) by teenagers having fun and not necessarily interested in remix culture or the art appropriation and video manipulation. At a rate of no more than six a month these friends sewed the seeds for what would become Youtube Poop. For this interview (conducted live over text Skype, rather than the usual email) I spoke with SuperYoshi – whose video “I’D SAY HE’S HOT ON OUR TAIL” is the earliest film to be listed in our directory.

I’m really glad you agreed to this interview – you’ve made it pretty clear in the past that you’re not very interested in Youtube Poop these days but I know a lot of people are interested in reading about your point of view.

Don’t worry about it.

Recently a new fad within and beyond the YTP commnuity, DIS IS A VOLCANO! spread. Apart from serving as an introduction to poop for many new people was very reminiscent of the entire Youtube Poop phenomenon.

I guess you could say that, though I’m out of the loop when it comes to all this, so I’m still not 100% clear on what happened with that in particular. The first I heard of it was MrSimon’s parody rant. I had no clue what was going on to be honest.

Well – it seems as if a someone (EspionStar) made her first stab at a poop which (apparently at random) mrSimon picked on as being target for countless video replies – this has made her semi famous. Her video isn’t worthy of any special attention yet is has thousand more views than anything else she has made.

Ah – Well, I wouldn’t exactly say that my stuff was deserving of any attention either, but here we are.

Exactly! And whilst I think your videos are good I wonder if the only reason everyone knows your name is because of the community’s obsession with firsts.

Heh, I guess

It’s died down now, but what were your feelings about this kind of attention.

Surprised, at the very least.

Given that at first (before the Jan 2007 explosion of popularity) there was no big rush to upload videos; you and your friends would only upload no more than 6 between you – were you uploading them just for each other?

Both yes and no. Yes in the sense that we just put them on there for ourselves considering we thought that we were the only ones who would ever see them, and no in the sense that we really just wanted to confuse and annoy people. Someone looking for Sonic and such on Youtube and finding…this, imagining their reaction is kind of funny.

How about the way you were editing them – it seems like you are trying to destroy the narative

There’s really no other way to explain the way I did it besides the fact that I watched an episode of something, noticed some funny or awkward parts, and figured it would be funny to just be repeated in a random manner. I definitley remember the day me and Retrojape made Mega Man Remixed (Known to Youtube as Dr. Wily’s Guidance System Show). I was over his house, playing Mega Man Anniversary Collection on PS2. Out of boredom we watched the first episode of Mega Man, which was an extra on the PS2 version, and we just cracked up at parts like “No, I’m sure it’s the guidance system” and Protoman’s pelvic thrust. After watching the episode, he (or maybe it was me, I really can’t remember) brought up the movie I made of Adventures of SMB 3 in December and suggested we did the same thing with Mega Man. And thus, that was created. Wow, I ramble too much.

And yet it wasn’t really mega man that caught on – it was the method of editing – there is definatly something unusual (and very appealing) about watching and making edits that way, I know I’d not seen much like it before.

Oh, definitely. Call it a stupid sense of humor, but seeing mostly anything slowed down makes me laugh.

We really should mention Over 9000 – when I started this site you told me that your were worried about becoming like another Kajetokun.

I don’t like it when people consider Over 9000 part of Youtube Poop or whatever. Truth is, it was not in any way inspired by what I did (or vise-versa) And I’ve seen a lot of people bash him because he’s popular for what he does. I’ve even seen it go as far as people saying he ripped me off, which is just a stupid assumption.

There are parallels between the two genres – yet it seems far more creatively focused, and Kajetokun seems happy to take credit for it’s popularity. The original Over9000 clip has almost 2 million views now – that must have take a lot of work to get people to watch it and comment.

Oh yes. I believe it was October when Scott of VGCats posted the link to it on its frontpage; then the popularity skyrocketed. Beforehand, it was just another meme on 4chan that only its lurkers knew about.

Apart from you or I the closest thing to a Kajetokun figure is mrSimon.

Yeah. The story behind MrSimon is funny. Apparently, he was browsing around Sheezyart when he found either Mega Man Remixed or Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 Remixed. It reminded him of an old show that was on Cartoon Network in the UK, I don’t recall the name…

AKA Cult Toons, – he mentioned it in his interview

Anyway, after seeing that, he left a couple of comments then made a song consisting of lines from the cartoons, like “Whoa, I’d say he’s hot on our tail!” yadda yadda yadda – let me get the link…

Well that’s great – he’s been inspired by your work since before your videos

Hmm, July, a few months after putting my crap on Youtube. No pun intended.

I really shall bring this interview back round to you. Are you still doing anything with videos at all, I know you aren’t making poops anymore but it would be a pity if you’ve quit videos altogether.

I dunno, really. I can’t tell you to expect anything new soon. That EVERYTHING YOU KNOW AND LOVE IS GONE was just made out of boredom, once again, to confuse people. There really isn’t a story behind it. Same thing with Looks. That was just made because I was listening to Unicron’s Theme too much.

Does the idea of that there is a Youtube Poop community make you feel uneasy or unwelcome

Not really no. I guess you could say it bores me a lot. A joke can only be funny for so long.

I don’t see poop as a single joke as such, apart from the name.

That’s another thing that I was never a big fan of.

What would you have called it instead?



Giving the whole fad a name makes it seem so…organized.

What’s wrong with that?

Going back to when I only submitted them to annoy people. See, I think it’s funnier when you discover something on your own. And without seeing Youtube Poop in the title. You know what it’s going to be when you see Youtube Poop in a title or tags.

But if a viewer sees one, which they enjoy then they’ll want to see another. I used to terrible trouble finding and keeping track of them so I built the directory. Why make it hard for people.

I suppose you could say that. But my opinion still stands.

Oh absolutley

I think me, Retrojape, and Yaminomalex are the only ones not to put Youtube Poop in our tags or titles

I think that’s the key point – I get the feeling you don’t care how many view you get or how many comments you get.

Nah. I find it hilarious that I have over 170 subscribers now.

That’s a good state of mind to be in – artistically speaking. A lot of people need validation, you seemed to have avoided that.

I suppose. Views and favorites and subscribers don’t make a difference to me. A do care about comments, though.


Yeah, stuff like that. Mostly anything I like, whether it be good or bad.

But you wouldn’t want 10000 of them


A big thank you to SuperYoshi for taking part in this interview.

Interview conducted buy Conrad Slater over Skype on 6th August 2007 for youtubepoop.com and youchewpoop.com

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