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Tetsuo Interview

Arguably one of the most nihilistic of original generation poopers, Tetsuo9999 reveals here how he came to be the first to use Hotel Mario footage in a youtube poop; his indifference to having such a claim and his views on those who still use cd-i cut scene footage today.

Let’s start by going right back in time to early September 2006; there’s only been a hand full of poops made, and you post your first Thunderzord Poop How would you describe what was going on back then?

I just wanted to make a short video as a tribute to Yamino, Duke, SuperYoshi, and RetroJape. At that time they didn’t have many fans, so they seemed to appreciate it.

Power Rangers seems a popular choice of source footage for you guys back then. Were any of you actual fans of the show?

I consider myself a selective fan of the show. I watched the original seasons (of course), but slowly trickled off when Zeo and Turbo started coming around. Wild Force got me back with the teamups (Forever Red, and the Time Force crossover), which caused me to watch until SPD. I haven’t watched any episodes since then, but I’m definitely excited for the 15th anniversary episode that’s coming up in a few weeks. For those who don’t know, Adam (the second Black Ranger/Vash on Trigun/Guy from Tales of the Abyss, etc.) and a bunch of the Disney-era rangers are coming back for a two-parter.

By the end of the month you had posted Tigerzord’s head falling off for five minutes straight. Could this be the first of the ‘endlessloop’ poops to be released?

SuperYoshi had made Luigi screaming for about five minutes was the first one that I know of, and I made the Tigerzord video as a response to that. In this case, both of us created a monster.

The idea disrupting or angering average youtube users seems very rich in your work. Are AMAZING KINGDOM HEARTS AMV #34 and #72, deliberate attempts to disappoint?

I just made those for fun at a friend’s house. I was originally going to do much more with it, but since my friends were watching as I was editing it on a Laptop, they started laughing uncontrollably when I just cut to the Tigerzord’s head falling off at that extreme volume, so it stuck. I really hate those AMVs though, so I guess you could say I intended to disappoint some of the Kingdom Hearts fans, but I don’t see how anybody could be fooled by the finished product.

Luigi’s frightening new fetish (Nov 6th) follows a few days after DukeofFortuneman’s The Best Zelda Game Ever: Part 1 of 3 (Oct 30th). According to the directory here at ytp these are the first poops to use cd-i footge. Firstly, can you confirm this?

I sure can. I made the Luigi video after watching1upclock’s Philips Phrightfest, which (from what I remember) is the first CD-i video. Duke has the first Zelda video, and I (to a certain extent) made the first Hotel Mario video. At this point, it really doesn’t matter, though.

Why do you suppose that Hotel Mario became viralas a footage choice? Did you expect it to?

Blame the watermark, really. Yamino and I felt that it was a bad idea to use footage from Quebecgamers since the watermark was clearly visible and linked to the website, but the damage had already been done when Duke’s, 1upclock’s, and my videos all went up around the same time. While I’m really getting tired of the overuse of these clips, I can’t say that I regret making them, and I also understand that people who came into this whole thing later than us still find it funny.Still, I really wish that some of these newcomers would use original footage instead of making it harder on themselves by using the same thing everyone else is using. It makes it really hard for them to get noticed these days, and I’m sure I’m missing some really great stuff because of this.

December was quiet month (the calm before the storm) in which you released the brilliantly titled Check Out My Rather Disturbing New Sandwich On The Moon returning to Power Rangers as a source of amusement. Did you see this as the beginning of the end for youtube poops?

That was actually made by a good friend of mine on his laptop while he was on vacation, and he didn’t feel like creating a Youtube account at the time, so I just uploaded it on mine. He made More guest star poop too.

And then in January came more poops in one month than all previous months combined – did you notice that quite a few others were starting to make videos like you and your friends?

I sure did. Contrary to what people may believe, I thought that most of the newcomers were great (since at the time, it wasn’t a full-blown internet fad as it is now), and I wanted to see what else they could do. Unfortunately, things quickly started to get out of hand, as we all know. There’s no method to being popular on the internet though, so you have to start making these videos with that in mind.

Your videos are often observational – based on a possible key moments which you use various methods to draw attention to certain moments. Does this kind of thing go on in your day to day life – are you observational (or repetitive?)

No, I’m just screwing around. I don’t put as much time into these as others do, but I do have a few general ideas of what I want to do when I start the project.

Your most recent work MAMA LUIGI VIDEO #492 suggests that you share the opinion that Mama Luigi has been somewhat overused – how do you feel about cd-i or even Power Rangers related poops?

Again, I’m just screwing around. I made those videos because I was having problems with my WMM at home, but it just decided to cooperate with me that night, so I made six Cheeznapkin-style videos while I could. I think that 1upclock and MrSimon got thepoint across regarding the overuse of those videos quite well, so I didn’t make that with any intention of getting something across to people.

While researching this interview I of course went through your poops and found myself thinking “these are just fucking stupid!” I of course see that as something of an achievement – why do you suppose some people have so much trouble making stuff that is just fucking stupid?

I think some of them try too hard to imitate the first poops that they saw, and that in turn makes them rather bland in comparison. Honestly, I just don’t think they’re as crazy as the originals and I are when it comes to these things. I can’t say that’s abad thing, though.

Thank you very much indeed for taking part in thisinterview.

Interview conducted by Conrad Slater via email on 8th July 2007 for youchewpoop.com

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