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Youtube Poop?

Youtube Poop is a genre that has been disowned and is despised by the person who is credited/blamed for coining it. It has only very tenuous legitimacy and is referred to on wiki as an internet meme.

To find out more I conducted an email interview with a Pikiwii – a contributor to the genre, who you may recall from last week’s top 10 videos.

“I use the term ‘your work’ with regard to your youtube poops – do you
consider them ‘work’ or just a something done for fun?”

Umm, I like to consider both.

“I’m assuming, due the lack of pretentiousness in either the film info
or your youtube profile that you don’t consider you work as ‘art’.
What are you feelings on the artistic merits of your work?.”

Well, it allows me to unleash my rather insane creativity into reality, resulting in crazy, non-sensical onslaughts most appreciated for their randomness, not to mention the fact that I can do the massive crossovers of sorts that I always wanted to see.

“The term youtube poop – is that term of your own or a genre that I
don’t know about? Is it a statement of to disregard (as in the films
are poop) or a description of the process (that by making them you are
completing a necessary bodily function)?”

It’s the latter and the former, respectively.

“Are you posting your work mainly for your friends or for the outside
world (people like me)?”

Ah, mainly for myself and the outside world.

“There are plenty of comments for the films – are these mainly people
you’ve met or know – what kind of feedback do you appreciate?”

Only a few of them are people I know. The kind of feedback that I do like happens to be… any kind.

“Are there messages or jokes in there which only you and your friends
would understand – are these in reply to other people’s work?”

Nope to either.

“Have you seen other films like this – has it influenced your work?”

Oh sure, I have seen a real lot of them since the genre has become real popular (much to its creator’s dismay, as can be read in this topic, which also reveals the origins of the term “Youtube Poop”: http://www.protoman.com/Forum/index.php/topic,16.0.html). And yes, it did influence my work.

“There is a strong tradition of appropriation like this in the
audio/music world – artists like cassette boy or wayne butane – are
you aware of them – if so what’s your opinion of their work?”

Nope, I’m not aware of these two.

“Your films are at times very funny – is that a priority or a side effect.”

Hmm, I like to think that it’s a side effect of the absolute randomness.

“Do you find them funny yourself?”


“Ten minutes of such relentlessness media can be quite tough for an
average viewer. Do you think of your work as endurance test for it’s

Nah, I prefer to think of that as going overboard with the genre, which also explains the mass amount of gore, vulgarity and spoiler scenes from various medias (By know, everyone who has watched my videos now know that Sonic the Hedgehog dies in his horribly glitchy and rushed (for Christmas) Xbox 360/PS3 game.)..

“I find that I recognise about half of the clips seen. Do you thin it’s
important to use/abuse familiar clips and faces (such as Mario).”

Well eh, that’s just what about every Youtube Poop maker do. Though I do find it important for myself to use/abuse sources that no one else did just for the sake of variety (as well as standing out from everyone else)…

“How do you source your footage – are they from clips found elsewhere online?”

Oh sure, all of them are found online.Nearly all of them are taken from Youtube except for the Mario episodes, the CD-i games clips and everything from all To Heart series except for ~Remember my memories~ , The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Black Cat, Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS, most Kingdom Hearts clips and Series 3 (Season 29 if you want to stay consistant with the classic series) of Doctor Who, which is currently running in the UK (though I live in Canada, where it will start in June if my memory serves right.).

“Is there anything that would like to make but don’t have the resources for?”


“Before I made films of my own I started in this way – of using found
footage – it’s something that I’ve not done for ages and rather miss.
Do you think it’s a media form you willl stick with or do you intend
to start producing your own footage/films.”

I do not intend to be a filmmaker and it’s something that I do for fun, so I think I’ll stick with it.

“Which of these do you identify with most identify with:

a) a crazy geek with a temper
b) a visual artist with a wacked sense of humour
c) a msn junkie killing time
d) a keen enthusiast of post modern artistry in the digital landscape
e) just like any other youtube user
f) an edit monkey
g) a moveable feast
h) a cracked egg”

Ah, I’d most liken myself to B and E. You see, I’m sort of a visual artist since I do put up my visions into a non-sensical videos (Not to mention the fact that my first poop became one of the most populars of its genre, as well as a bunch of people praising me on the field) yet I still consider myself an average Youtube user everywhere else, including the MUGEN community on Youtube (Though I’m getting more attention from higher-profile Youtube users in that latter community on the site as of lately…).

“Do you find this kind of attention encouraging or inappropriate?”

It’s hard to anwser this but I sorta like this kind of attention, you know. So, I’d say encouraging.

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