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Yaminomalex Interview


Yaminomalex was one of the first youtube users to post videos that became known as poops. He and his circle of friends would go on to make large amount of these and go on to influence many others’ work whilst enjoying his own popularity. In this text interview (conducted over email) we discover his opinions on youtube poops then and now plus his other work including his redubs. We also discover why he is in fact not Yaminomalex but rather NOTYaminomalex!

SuperYoshi has expressed a certain disdain for the videos that self identify as youtube poops. Do you share the opinion that once anyone and everyone were making their own that the appeal was somehow lost?

Well, you have to understand we had no idea people were actually going to watch these videos in the first place. SuperYoshi put SONIC AND ROBOTNIK’S SODOMY HOUR on YouTube with the sheer intention of confusing and annoying people. He sent the YouTube link to me at 2 in the morning on April Fool’s 2006, and I thought it was the funniest thing I had ever seen up to that point. He then told me that SuperYoshi and RetroJape created a lot of these messed up videos in 2005 just for kicks, they both have a really sick and twisted sense humor. When people besides out little circle of friends (SuperYoshi, RetroJape, Tetsuo9999, DukeOfFortuneMan and myself, we all know each other from this forum on www.protoman.com and then I know JingWu from the Newgrounds Voice Acting Club forum) starting making these, we thought it was cool at first, but then we started to get annoyed. Now, I really just don’t care anymore. If people want to make the movies, why not? They can go on right ahead, I’m not losing any sleep over it. I’m actually starting to shy away from making these silly vids, in favor of overdubs, actually.

You’re still making videos which youtube poop fans would enjoy, yet you tend not to label or tag your work as such. Is there something you would rather call them?

It’s funny you should mention that. Ther term “YouTube Poop” accidentally began with an AIM conversation I had with Tetsuo. Among our circle of friends, we have a sense of bathroom humor, so we have the tendacy to refer to things as “poop”. One summer day, I told Tetsuo I submitted some new poop to YouTube and the term kinda caught on. Then afterwards me and DukeOfFortuneMan (He’s my best friend, in real life) starting to refer to them as “poops”, and I guess the thing kinda spread like wildfire after that. Personally, I just call them “messed up vids” or “Scratch videos”, because I think that’s what they’d be called in the 80’s.

Do you think it’s important to get ‘wtf’ style comments from confused viewers?

Those are always a blast to read. A lot funnier then getting a comment that just quotes a line from the video in all caps.

In a similar way to SuperYoshi and DukeofFortune’s your work, whilst sharing some of the methods of others poops doesn’t necessary stick to the usual sources of footage, such as the cd-i stuff or mama luigi. How important do you think the choices of what footage to use is?

I don’t overthink anything when I make these movies. I haven’t really ever taken them too seriously. If I find something funny, I put it in the movie, and it’s as simple as that. However, I knew damn well the cd-I Mario/Zelda stuff would become viral, so I opted to try to make my videos with different source material from other people. I’d rather try to develop my own style.

A lot of poops at the moment could be described as being part of a conversation. People take an idea from one video they see and develop into something which may act as a reply. How do you feel about this?

If the person editing the footage can pull it off right, then they should go for it.

Are there of the more recent poopers whose videos you watch and enjoy?

There’s so many of them, I’ve lost track. There’s some out there that are really funny, but I just don’t remember their screen handles at the moment. I mostly pay attention to the above mentioned circle of friends.

Youtube itself is based on the idea of some kind a community – whilst many just use it to upload videos for free. Is audience and their feedback important to you? And how does if effect what you upload?

If people enjoy my stuff, then great. If not, oh well. I like getting feedback, especially on my non-messed up video projects

Have any viewers sent messages or comments that go beyond criticisminto something more personal or offensive?

Some Inuyasha fangirls send me pms every now and then telling me that I’m a “perverted bastard”, because in my Inuyasha vids, I usually make fun of scenes involving Kagome, the main character being naked. Now, I don’t know about you, but cartoon chicks personally don’t turn me on, I’m just making fun of the anime cliché, really.Back on my old account, there was some guy who kept on sending me pms saying that I was “fucking gay” for liking Power Rangers, and I kinda threw my hat the the ring telling him that I’m bi, and my uncle is gay, and that I don’t appreciate the comment, but he just went on a huge tirade about how me and my uncle would sodomize each other in hell after we die or something. I just blocked him at the point, and stopped caring. I’ll get a dumb comment now and then, but I’ll just ignore them, because I accepted the fact that YouTube is full of idiots. I won’t delete them unless it’s spam or a chain message, because I have belief of freedom of speech.

You’re in your mid teens now so does any of your earlier experiences or choices now seem rather childish or embarrassing, given that they were a few years ago?

200px-banzaibill.jpegWell, when I was 2 I was at my aunt’s house and she had just gotten a SNES, Super Mario World, F-Zero, Pilotwings and some other game I can’t remember. That was my first experience with video games, and super Mario World was the first video game I have ever played. The stage I first played was Yoshi’s Island 1, and everyone who played that game should remember that there’s a giant Bullet Bill in that stage called Banzai Bill. After seeing that thing appear on the screen, I started crying, because it terrified me.Do you think that youtube itself (and other similar websites) are changing the language of film?Indeed. YouTube’s popularity skyrocketed last year, and everyone out there with a webcam or a crazy idea is trying to get noticed, especially after lonelygirl15.

Youtube has also made me feel as if being a ‘film maker’ isn’t that important any more. Do you see yourself as any kind of film maker or even artist or rather just someone making things principally for fun.

I’d love to make films, but I don’t see myself as a film maker, I’m consider myself more of a film editor. I have a few nonsensical stories that I wrote over the years “Operation Sharkitor” “Isometric Niggershit” and “Teddy Knight Stops The New World Order”, that I think would make ideal cartoons. What I really want to do after my senior year, is get into voice acting. I’m actually a moderator at the Newgrounds Voice Acting Club, and JingWu is a member there.

I am of course assuming that your current login name NOTYaminomalex is a joke based on your previous account. Would you care to describe what happened. Did you just wake up to the fact that all your videos and favourites and comments didn’t exist anymore. Did they write you to give you any reason or make any threats. How much of an impact has that made to you?

When I first decided to join YouTube, Yaminomalex is obviously the screename I wanted to have, because I use it everywhere. If you see a “Yaminomalex” on a forum somewhere, odds are it’s me. Some guy already took the name YamiNoMalex, and since YouTube isn’t case sensitive they wouldn’t let me use the name. At that point, I just randomly typed YaminoMetamothamos and picked that. I soon regretted picking that name, because it was a pain in the ass to remember and type.Now, onto me being banned. A lot of Inuyasha fangirls hated my Inuyasha vids, because they were intentional misleading. Some of them reported my videos to a YouTube moderator and had them removed, and they sent me a warning. Then, on December 11th 2006, they deleted my account. Go figure. They sent me a huge e-mail (that I have a picture of if you ever want to see it) explaining about how I did all this bad stuff and that my account would be removed from YouTube as a result of my “defiance” and IP banned me from YouTube. I restarted my router, which remedied this. A few weeks later, I decided to make a new account. I though NOTYaminomalex would be the perfect name, so I stuck with it.

Finally, what do you think needs to change before the ytp movement can move into something that would be interested in putting your weight behind.

I think people need to seriously stop making these Mama Luigi and cd-i Mario/Zelda vids. They’re really, really unfunny now.

A huge thank you to Yaminomalex for taking the time to participate in this text interview.


Interview conducted via email by Conrad Slater on the 17th June 2007 for Youtubepoop.com

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